Michael tries to strangle Janine!

Michael gloats to Alice that Janine is struggling. Enjoying the feeling of power, Michael winds up Janine about being a bad mother. Janine is not so easily beaten, however, and the shoe is soon on the other foot when she tells Michael she’s changing Scarlett’s surname to Butcher. Pushed to the limit by Janine’s taunts, Michael grabs Janine around the throat, menacingly warning her that he’ll win this war.

Dexter gets increasingly anxious as the consultant explains the details of the transplant operation. Blurting out he can’t do it, he runs out on an astonished Sam and Ava. After some wise advice from Patrick, Dexter returns to the hospital, where he finds Cora arguing with Ava about whether he should have the operation. Having given it some thought, Dexter reveals he’s going to go through with it.

Lucy asks for a wage and responsibility increase, which Janine reluctantly agrees to. Asking Danny to show Lucy the ropes, Janine tells the pair that they will be on commission. Lucy and Danny have no problem being in competition with each other, although Danny is put out when Lucy is successful straight away. Danny plays dirty to get her back, leaving Lucy fuming.