Ronnie gets a visit from the police about the pub break-in. Michael tells Ronnie that he was the one who betrayed her. Kat is still terrified of Ronnie taking Tommy and worries when the police leave Ronnie’s without arresting her. Alfie reassures Kat that Ronnie will soon be behind bars. Ronnie confronts Michael and demands he tell Roxy he made a pass at her. Michael agrees, but when her back is turned his face suggests otherwise.

Ronnie and Michael find Roxy with Jack, Alfie and Tommy. Ronnie is about to tell Roxy the truth when Michael magically pulls Danielle’s locket from Tommy’s pram. Jack is confused and Alfie is horrified. Ronnie realises Michael has set her up and begs Roxy to believe her, but Roxy turns away. Michael menacingly tells Ronnie he won’t let up.

Pat answers her door to Lydia’s son Norman on the day of Lydia’s funeral. Pat and Norman are surprised to find they know each other from years ago. Janine is angry that Norman has turned up, as he didn’t seem to care about Lydia when she was alive. Pat tells Janine to stop having a tantrum and allow herself to grieve. Janine finally breaks down and sobs.