Michael walks out on his daughter

Michael sits by the incubator watching over his tiny daughter. Janine wakes and Michael warns her that their daughter is very ill. An anguished Janine worries they are being punished for everything they have done wrong. Jean turns up to confront Michael, but changes her mind seeing how vulnerable the baby is. Anthony, Tyler and Ricky see her and warn her to stay away. As Janine sleeps, the alarms go off on the incubator. An impassive Michael gets up and walks away…

Alice tells Derek she’ll move in with him as long as he stops bullying Lucy. When Joey sees them together he has a go at Derek, forcing Max to step in. Max convinces Joey to talk to Derek, who makes an emotional plea to his son to meet him the next day. Joey later tells Alice that he’s going to stand up Derek, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Max sees Jay moping about an absent Abi. Feeling sorry for him, he offers him money to fix one of the car lot cars in the hope that it will take his mind off things. When Max implies that Abi is better off without Jay, Jay is furious and sabotages the car instead of fixing it.