Despite Michael telling Emelia to keep away from Tash, she pursues Michael, telling him Tash has been to see her twice and that when Helena died, it was hard on all of them, not just him. But he’s not interested and tells her to get off his street. She does as he asks, but Tash is still keen to see her again. Later, Michael confides in Emelia that he’s worried that if he finally tells Tash the truth, she won’t handle knowing she’s been lied to for so long, especially with her exams coming up.

Summer’s thrilled when she finds out she’s passed her Jounalism Entrance Test and even happier when Chris tells her someone has set up a Facebook page in support of her campaign. However, Toadie’s not so happy when he hears Summer on the radio, talking about the development.

Panicked by the damage she’s about to do, he rushes round and tells her she’s got her facts wrong and has to retract what she’s said. When she tells him she can’t, he tells her she could be done for slander. Undeterred and with some encouragement from Paul, Summer pursues the case and confronts Mr Kapoor, the man she believes has been bribed. And not stopping there, instead of issuing a retraction, she continues to accuse the council of corruption live on air.