Tash’s friends rally round to make her feel better and Michael asks Kyle to get rid of the graffiti on the house. He also makes a special effort to cheer Tash up, telling her she doesn’t deserve this. He takes her for breakfast where she keeps up a very convincing act of being the victim. When Kyle finds the spray can and gloves in the Robinson’s bin, Michael realises Tash is responsible.

Furious, Michael heads to the police station, determined to report his own daughter, but Jade talks him out of it, telling him a criminal record won’t help Tash. Instead he tells Tash she can do what she wants, he’s not interested anymore.

Summer’s excited that her first ever article will be in today’s Erinsborough News and waits for Andrew before she opens the paper to have a look. However, she is horrified to see that Paul’s ‘edited’ it, implying that the school garden is a waste of taxpayer’s money. She tells Andrew she never said that, yet her name is on the article. Sonya is upset and encourages Summer to stand up to Paul.

At the garage, Lucas has a visit from his dad’s solicitor, who he’s been avoiding, and he tells Lucas his dad left him some money. Lucas is stunned by how much.