Michaela and Zak are reunited

Zak and Michaela regret their tiff but try to act as if they’re not bothered although it’s clear to Sasha and Elliot that they are both hurting. Elliot encourages Zak to make the first move but Michaela won’t forgive and forget. Sasha has had enough of Michaela’s self pity and forces her to meet Zak in the SU bar and Michaela’s delighted when Zak tells her he loves her.

Justin doesn’t like the way Ash thinks that Hannah‘s fair game now that Matt’s out of the picture, while Leila feels insecure after seeing Justin defend Hannah last night. Justin realises Leila’s feeling a little neglected and tries to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Hannah thanks Ash for helping her yesterday and invites him for a drink and they enjoy some gentle flirting.

Russ decides to get to the bottom of Gaz’s bad behaviour and keeps him behind after class. Gaz convinces Russ that he’s having it tough at home and will buck up his ideas but he’s soon back bullying Theresa and Anita. When Anita and Theresa team up to earn some cash to by a gorgeous bag, Gaz overhears them talking about the money and forces them to hand it over.

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