The Costellos are reeling from Mitzeee’s revelation that she slept with Carl. Carl rushes in and chides Mitzeee, who claims she wasn’t to know that the mic was on. Everyone in the SU bar can still hear the goings-on until Seth finds the culprit – Michaela! Heidi, Jem and Carl return to The Dog, where Jasmine is horrified to learn the news.

Michaela invites Mitzeee to Il Gnosh, but Michaela and Theresa are embarrassed when they’re interrupted by a tipsy Myra. Michaela receives the news that Carl has blocked her story, but she decides to publish it on her blog anyway. Meanwhile, Myra slips on her spilled wine and threatens to sue Tony. At home, Michaela gets a call: she’s sacked. She announces she’s going to London to be with Zak.

Cindy demands to know the truth about Tony and Gabby. She learns how Tony acted as Gabby’s hero and decides she’s had enough, warning Tony that their divorce isn’t going to be nice. Later, Amber learns they won’t be going back home and promises she isn’t going to let this go…

Also; Veronica blackmails Brendan, knowing how upset Cheryl will be to learn the truth about him fleecing Malachy. He issues her a menacing threat, but he’s clearly rattled.

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