When Amy tells Michaela that she is off shopping with Sarah, Michaela sees a chance to get Mike alone and borrows Amy’s keys to study at the Barnes’ flat. As Amy inadvertently advises Michaela to take the plunge with her mystery man, Michaela is spurred on to finally reveal her love to Amy’s dad.

Mike arrives later at the flat to find Michaela in his living room. As Michaela reveals her love for him, Mike lets her down as gently as possible. But the rejection is too much for Michaela and she flees the flat.

Niall cannot believe Mandy’s story that Steph has left Hollyoaks. The situation gets tense when Niall won’t leave, but he finally departs when Warren turns up. Warren tells Mandy that they should avoid each other, since he and Louise are giving their relationship another go. Mandy lies and tells Warren it’s a good idea.

Feeling lonely, Niall arrives at the McQueens’. He is furious when Myra reveals that if she had the chance to find her long lost son, she wouldn’t. Seeing red, Niall reaches for the iron, ready to club his unwitting mother, but she is saved when the rest of the McQueens arrive. Niall leaves, swearing revenge on the family.

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