Michaela gets an ugly old painting from Nana McQueen on her birthday and heads straight down the pawn shop to swap it for some readies but it gets dumped on the street after she has a run in with Sasha. Zak discovers that the painting is by a famous artist and could be worth a fortune but he’s gutted to discover that Leila has taken it to use as a blank canvas and the painting is ruined.

Russ tries to make amends with Jacqui so that she will let him see Max, and Jacqui is on the verge of agreeing to give him access when they are interrupted by Nancy. Russ is devastated when Nancy launches a vicious verbal attack on Jacqui, who then declares that Russ can think again about being able to see his son again.

Sasha tries to blackmail Warren but she’s no match for cocky Warren and he’s soon got her eating out of his hand. Meanwhile, Calvin has questions to answer when Leo wants to know why he was suspended from his job and he’s forced to confess the whole sordid story. Leo agrees to help bring down Warren to clear Calvin’s name.

Also, Leila persuades Elliot to let her paint him naked.

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