Michaela exposes Rhys

Beth is increasingly frustrated with Gilly, but the Ashworths are oblivious. During a family dinner, Beth receives a text from Rhys asking her to come back to the house, so feigns a headache and slips away. Elsewhere, Michaela decides to get proof of Rhys’s affair and steals Beth’s phone in The Dog. She bumps into Gilly who’s heading home to check on Beth and tells him that Beth and Rhys are having an affair.

Gilly dismisses her claims, but Michaela promises that proof can be found on Beth’s phone with the text message from Rhys. Gilly tries to call Rhys, but when he fails to answer, checks Beth’s phone and finds the evidence. Gilly heads to the Ashworths’ and is sickened to find Beth’s discarded engagement ring and noises coming from upstairs…

Still reeling from the shock news that Leah never had leukaemia. Sarah and Mike are determined not to forgive Amy. However, Mike begins to soften when an apologetic Amy turns up desperate for her baby back.

Trying to avoid the lure of heroin, Fletch asks Ste for some weed, but Ste asks Fletch if he wants something stronger. Fletch assures Ste he doesn’t need heroin, but later decides to do one last hit.

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