Zak tries to ban Michaela from visiting Gaz, but she’s after a scoop. In prison, Gaz is adamant that the gun was planted on him but Michaela finds this laughable. Annoyed, she blurts out that Lauren has a blood clot. Assuming that Lauren was hurt in a racist attack, Gaz reveals who was behind it. Michaela’s shocked to hear that the racist ringleader is Des. Zak panics when he finds out and tries to stop Michaela from investigating further, afraid she’ll discover his role in the events. Worried, Zak tells Kris everything.

Steph prepares for her audition and ropes Tom into appearing on stage with her. As an orphan child, he’ll lend weight to her cancer sob story. Frankie’s convinced of Steph’s talent, as Gilly listens to a badly off-key Steph.

Cheryl maintains that Heidi sacked her from The Dog because Carl was checking her out and Cindy’s aggrieved. But as Cheryl and Cindy vie for Carl’s attention, he has another woman on his mind.

Also; Jem has a terse word with Carl. She saw him with Mitzeee and suspects he’s having an affair. Carl concocts an innocent story, but worries whether a suspicious Jem will buy it.

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