Michaela is out of control

Myra takes Michaela to school and lays into Amy about Ste’s drug dealing. Later, Niall puts ideas into Myra’s head that Michaela’s drug habit will spiral out of control if Myra doesn’t intervene. Meanwhile, Michaela is getting drunk round at Amy’s and staggers home in the middle of the day, where she finds Niall preparing beauty treatments for Tina and Jacqui. Jacqui hides drunken Michaela upstairs, but a furious Myra returns home to catch Michaela throwing up, and slaps her daughter. Fed up Michaela rashly decides to move out.

After a night of sleeping on the streets, Newt steals Jack’s car keys to give Darren somewhere warm to bed down for the night. Unimpressed to find a battered Darren asleep in his car, Jack hands him a wad of notes and orders him to leave, leaving Darren heartbroken. Later, Jack lays into Newt for helping Darren, but Newt makes Jack feel guilty when he tells him of his own experiences of being abandoned by his mum.

Tina feels suffocated when Jacqui wakes her up early with pancakes, pregnancy advice, and mum-to-be magazines. However, Tina is preoccupied with thoughts of Dom and ends up exploding at Jacqui when she pressurises her into taking a pregnancy test.