Michaela is tested for HIV

Michaela is terrified when Niall urges her to have an HIV test following the heroin injection, and relishes the upset he causes. Outraged Jacqui is shocked by Niall’s interference and insists on going with them to the appointment. Michaela is tearful when she emerges from the doctor’s room with the news that she’s got to wait three months before they can tell her for certain that she hasn’t got HIV.

Summer resolves to put things right between OB and Max after the row at the party. Meanwhile, during a routine check-up, Max discovers his heart condition has got worse and he’ll need more tests. Summer manages to persuade Max and OB to sit down together and put their differences aside. A heart-broken Max finally gives OB his blessing to move to London.

Rhys and Mercedes are honest about how much they like each other, but when they get back to the Ashworths, they are shocked to be greeted by Gilly and Beth, and old wounds open…

Also, Elliot decides to enter the pool competition after learning that first prize is a date with Sarah. Elliot wins the competition, beating Rhys. But has he won Sarah’s heart?

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