During a family meal, Beth feels stifled as Gilly makes plans about their future, and abruptly leaves. Later, Rhys receives a phone call from Beth telling him she can’t cope. Rhys rushes over to the Ashworths’ where he finds Beth distraught. She explains she can’t pretend she wants be part of Gilly’s future and can never leave Rhys. They share a goodbye kiss, witnessed by Michaela. Jacqui begs Tina to keep quiet about the baby, reminding her that she risks losing Dom. But determined to be honest, Tina sends Dom a text telling him she wants to talk before insisting Jacqui confess all to Tony. Unable to tell Tony, who is full of excitement about the baby, Jacqui rushes off to stop Tina, who is on the brink of telling Dom. Jacqui urges Tina back to Il Gnosh, and implores her to keep the truth to herself, worried that this is the only chance of a baby she and Tony will ever have. Taking on Kieron’s challenge to beat him at the race, Kris arrives at the McQueens’ ready for training. In the village, Kris struggles to keep up with Kieron’s pace, but takes pleasure in seeing how jealous John-Paul is of their growing friendship. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip