Michaela and Zak are horrified to wake up in bed together, prompting Zak to make a swift exit. Later, while Michaela is babysitting Leah, she resolves to tell Mike how she feels about him. She palms Leah off on Zak while she heads to see Mike. Unimpressed, Zak ends up giving Leah to Ste.

As Michaela arrives at Mike’s, Amy returns and is immediately concerned as to Leah’s whereabouts. They eventually find her with Ste who reminds Amy that once she’s given birth to his child she won’t be able to keep him away. A despondent Amy confides in Michaela that her only way out might be to have an abortion.

The grand opening of Tan & Tumble isn’t going well for Jacqui. The shop sign doesn’t arrive on time, and Tony won’t stop nagging her. As the guests arrive for the opening, Jacqui lures them in with the promise of a live demonstration. However, a scantily clad Tony is revealed to be itching all over from the tan solution. The day ends in disaster when Jacqui and Mercedes try to leave the shop and manage to get trapped inside.

Fed up with rowing with Tina, Dom gets drunk in The Loft, meets a girl, Gemma, and goes home with her.

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