Michaela’s in trouble!

Michaela is thrilled that her exclusive interview with grieving widow Carmel has made The Herald’s front page. But Zak doesn’t recognise her anymore and is disgusted that she’s getting a kick from being such a ruthless hack. A jealous Meriel resents her success and shoves Michaela back onto trivial stories, but hot-shot Michaela is determined to infiltrate a dangerous gang.

Michaela’s now out of the way so Meriel quizzes Zak about the beating he gave Tariq, then tells DI Andrews all she’s learnt. As predicted, Michaela gets into hot water with the bad-lad gang. She desperately calls Zak for help, but DI Andrews gets to him first.

Loretta anxiously tries to get hold of Jake, but he is too sickened by her leukaemia lie to see her anymore. Meanwhile, Loretta refuses to let go of her lover and tracks Jake down.

Also, Steph recovers from her hysterectomy operation and tries to cope with the fact that she’ll never have kids. Nancy and Cheryl both vie to be best friend to her during her recuperation, while her family try to keep her sweet. But Steph soon tires as her friends and family pussyfoot around her – she wonders whether things will ever get back to normal.

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