When Gail spots Gavin’s obituary in the paper, she quickly throws it in the bin. Meanwhile, Bethany, who’s just arrived from Milan, persuades Andy to buy her a drink. Elsewhere, Michael’s Aunty Barbara calls at No 8 to break the news of Gavin’s death. Gail lies, making out Michael is still in hospital. When Barbara reveals that Gavin actually died of a heart attack, Gail’s shocked. She hustles Barbara out, but freezes as she sees Michael approaching.

Andrea calls in the cab office and parks herself on Steve and Lloyd’s favourite chair. She’s horrified when the chair collapses and nervously shows Lloyd.

Sophie tears a strip off Kevin for leaving Jack with Jenny, but to Kevin’s surprise, Rita defends him, telling Sophie it’s up to Kevin who he spends time with.

As Anna, Owen and Izzy bid farewell to Katy, a tearful Chesney clings to Joseph, but lets him go…