At Waterloo Road, parents’ evening is coming up and both the staff and students are aprehensive.

The orchestra that teacher Matt Wilding has established are hoping to get together to play a piece for the staff, students and parents that evening. But with half of the class disinterested and disruptive Tariq taking the class into his own hands, it looks as though they won’t get ready in time.

After their evening of romance, Linda and Michael run into each other in the school corridor. She’s completely smitten with him, but Michael takes her aside – explaining that what happened between them was a one off. Linda’s devastated, and she decides to open up to Sian – another old flame of Michael’s – about what’s gone on between them.

The efforts of the orchestra are demonstrated at the parents’ evening, and everyone’s impressed at what the students – and staff – have managed to do. Later, Michael and Sian have an argument in his office, but he kisses her. She leaves, but Michael stays in his office. Minutes later, there’s a knock at the door and as Michael turns round, he sees that it’s not Sian returning but the boy from his previous school who stabbed him!

Chasing him out of the school, Michael runs after him and ends up near the busy road outside. Phoenix – who just happens to be passing – crouches behind a car and watches in horror as the boy steps backwards by accident and gets hit by a van. And it looks as though Michael could be held to blame.