In a special hour-long Wednesday episode, Jean breaks into Michael’s house, determined to find evidence that she’s not lying about the theft. Janine’s sister Diane has arrived in Albert Square with Ricky, Morgan and Tiff and finds Jean, who bluffs her way out. Meanwhile, Michael is questioned for fraud and tells the police that Jean is a stalker. When he returns home and finds Jean she tries to manipulate him by bringing up his dead mother. Michael and Jean head to the Vic so Michael can ‘confess’. Instead, Jean is greeted by a funeral director claiming she called to arrange a funeral for (a very much alive) Stacey! A distraught Jean smashes glasses on the bar, accidentally injuring Kat. Alfie and Kat agree Jean needs help…

Derek witnesses an awkward moment between Alice and Anthony and tells Anthony to ask Alice out on a date. Derek invites himself along as chaperone. While Derek is at the bar, Anthony makes fun of Alice to Tyler and the gang. A devastated Alice overhears and Derek is not happy!

Tanya is desperate to convince Abi that marrying young will ruin her life, while Max lets slip about the engagement to a seething Phil. While Jay is determined to marry, Abi tells her relieved parents that she’s going to Costa Rica.