Michael’s held hostage!

Still heartbroken over losing lover Chrissie, after she decided not to elope with him, consultant Michael almost loses his job as well. When teenager Tom suffers life-threatening liver failure, Tom’s dad Trevor takes Michael hostage with a scalpel and demands he saves his son’s life. Trevor claims he’s a donor match and insists Michael operates on him, even though it’s illegal because the proper tests haven’t been carried out. Michael’s later rumbled by new CEO Guy Self, so will he keep his job?

Meanwhile, Elliot is still in hiding after last week’s Herzig operation ended badly. Fearing that boss Guy will use this as the perfect excuse to shut down his legacy, Elliot cannot face another patient. Unwilling to tolerate his self-pitying, Jac steps in and forces him to get back into surgery. Later, Elliot’s shocked to the core when he finds out just how Zosia knows Guy.

Elsewhere, Mary-Claire is left feeling increasingly isolated by Edward’s snide remarks and accusations of incompetence. When a machine malfunctions on the ward, Edward is the first to blame her and questions whether she should be allowed near patients.

Also, Gemma decides to quit Holby, but can on/off lover Harry persuade her to stay?