Another week, another series of disasters for surgeon Michael Spence. Having lost his wife Annalese to cancer-stricken work rival Ric Griffin, Michael is mortified this week to discover that Ric is moving in to the Spence family home while he recovers from his chemotherapy. Furious that Ric is taking his place as the man of the house, Michael sinks further into a dark place.

Matters are only made worse by the admission of two patients – the teenage brothers of Michael’s old friends Julie and Max. After falling off their school’s roof while drunk, the pair are desperately ill. While one of the brothers ends up brain dead, another needs an emergency liver transplant. Ignoring all the normal transplant procedures, reckless Michael offers to perform the operation illegally. Only when Connie steps in and stops his reckless behaviour does Michael back down. Is there an end to Michael’s meltdown in sight? We certainly hope so!

Also this week: Faye attacks Joseph for not having the nerve to stand up to his mother. Frieda celebrates the 30th birthday… by working a night shift!