Michael’s ‘no uniform’ policy causes problems

Since Michael’s change of policy regarding school uniform, a lot of parents aren’t happy and Paul is encouraging them to complain. Andrew knows his dad is only getting involved to bring Michael down. And despite a growing number of complaints, Michael stands his ground.

When Libby tells Paul that they’re doing things her way, he warns her that if he can bring Michael down, he can bring her down too. However, Paul is shocked when Libby stands up to him, telling her she won’t be involved in anything that will hurt the school or students.

And it’s not long before the new policy is causing problems at school. With lots of girls glammed up, Sophie feels like a dork and asks Kate to cover for her while she goes home to change. When Kate refuses, telling Sophie she looks fine as she is, Sophie goes to Lisa, asking for a makeover.

When it backfires, Kate finds Sophie crying, but it’s clear Kate still thinks of Sophie as her baby sister. Luckily, Summer comes to Sophie’s rescue and finds her a look that’s somewhere in the middle. When Lisa sees this she isn’t happy and lashes out, but Summer doesn’t react. However, Tash takes it upon herself to get back at Lisa.

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