When Michael suddenly realises who Tash’s present is from, he opens it and is horrified when he finds a photo of Tash’s mum and her beauty queen tiara inside. When Tash heads off to bed, Michael rummages through her bag, pulling out Emelia’s business card. He tries calling her at the salon but it’s closed.

Lucas is happy when Emelia calls him about the boot she left behind, and he uses it as an excuse to ask her out for a drink. However, despite his efforts, Emelia makes a quick exit, but leaves Lucas her number. Not knowing if she’s interested or not, Lou encourages Lucas to pursue her and so he makes an appointment for a home visit. Taking far too much pleasure out of it, Lou tells Emelia to give Lucas a wax! As Emelia leaves, Michael spots her from across the road and heads straight over to confront her.

Karl is concerned when he witnesses a flirtatious conversation between Jade and Mal. When Karl expresses his concerns, Mal throws it back in his face, pointing out Karl isn’t in a position to lecture him, considering his past. Despite this, Mal cancels his training session with Jade.