Michael’s petrified when Gavin asks to meet him

Gail and a nervous Michael seek out Gavin’s house. Nobody’s in, but Gail insists Michael pushes a note through the door and Michael then gets a call from Gavin asking to meet him tomorrow. Michael’s petrified. Meanwhile, Kylie’s on edge when she receives a text from Callum suggesting they meet up.

Steve apologises to Michelle, explaining he simply fancied a change of scene and when he offers to help at the hoedown Michelle thaws. But when Steve spots a sports car parked at the garage, he makes a rash decision to buy it. He excitedly asks Steph to join him for a spin and as Michelle gets ready for the hoedown, it seems Steve has let her down again!

Alya’s surprised and utterly thrilled when Carla offers her the job of trainee manager.

Also, when Dev laments to Mary that he’s been invited to a posh birthday party she insists on being his plus-one; Tim’s touched when Faye offers to teach him to read.