Michael’s scam suddenly dawns on Jean

It’s the day of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Cora and Zainab are shocked that there are no decorations up in the Vic, but Jean is too busy fretting about Michael. The penny drops that Michael has stolen her money when Jack knows nothing about Michael’s ‘charity scheme’. When Michael and Janine return from their trip, Jean confronts a stony Michael. Jean blurts out to Janine that Michael has stolen her lottery winnings. Janine doesn’t know what to believe.

Meanwhile, Zainab and Cora work hard to decorate the Vic and sort out food and drink for the Jubilee celebrations. After seeing Masood going into a strange woman’s house, Zainab confronts him. Zainab doesn’t believe Masood’s claim that he’s doing tutoring and demands to see his earnings. Masood reveals he’s been saving up – he gives her an engagement ring and asks her to marry him.

Christian pushes Lucy to let him phone Jane when he learns that Ian is still away. Bobby pipes up that he’s already spoken to her. Later, Bobby confesses to Lucy that he lied about speaking to Jane – he doesn’t want to leave Lucy and the Square. Lucy struggles to manage, but needing help from Phil, she’s deflated to learn he’s gone away for the weekend.