Michael’s seeing things

Tash can tell something is up with her dad, and when he lashes out about Summer, she knows something has happened and demands Summer tells her what. Summer reluctantly explains about the article, and Tash isn’t impressed, knowing she’ll have to pick up the pieces. During dinner, Michael freaks out, thinking he can see his wife, and leaves Tash at the table, wondering what’s going on.

Tash asks Summer to tell her exactly what she said to her dad, and to show her the article. Pleased she knows more about her mum, Tash thanks Summer, but back home, she cries. When Michael finds her, she asks why she never sees her grandparents, and he explains he lost touch with them. She suggests getting in touch with them, but he’s clearly not comfortable with that, and tells her some things should be left in the past.

Mal agrees to let Andrew stay over, as Karl’s away, but when he arrives home early, Mal tries to prevent Karl from finding out. However, they’re rumbled when a half-naked Andrew walks into the lounge, straight into Karl! And they’re all surprised when Karl says he’s fine with it.

Kate is worried when she finds Sophie’s journal ripped up and in the bin. Jade assures her she’ll get over it soon, but Kate’s not so sure.