As Rob tends to Carla, Michelle arrives with her bags and explains she’s left Steve. Carla begs her to forgive Steve, Peter’s already done enough damage. Michelle and Rob agree to run the factory for Carla whilst she recovers, but when Peter turns up telling them he owns half of the business, they’re furious.

Sally’s taken aback when Tim returns with a watch for Faye and surprises herself by admitting she thought he was going to propose. Neither want to appear averse to the idea, but run the risk of getting engaged because they are being polite.

Peter corners Steve in the ginnel, desperate to know what the police said but Steve’s had enough since Michelle walked out on him and shouts at Peter, telling him the police reckon he’s the murderer and he agrees with them.

Also, Gail comes face to face with Michael, the burglar; Tracy tells Tony that with Rob out of the way at the factory they can use the opportunity to shift the stolen goods to the shop; and Katy calls at No 6 for her stuff, but remains frosty towards Anna.