Michelle and Ruth try to sort things out

Jimmi insists on helping Michelle, who’s in bed with a broken ankle after he accidently hit her in his car. Feeling guilty about the incident with Cherry, Michelle confesses to Julia that she gave the patient the wrong injection. Michelle won’t accept help for her problems, but Jimmi has a brainwave and, when Michelle is discharged, Jimmi persuades her to go to his place.

When Jimmi rages at Michelle for continuing to blame everyone else for her problems, Michelle breaks down and tells him how hard it’s been coping with what Ruth did, how angry it made her feel, how frightened she is, and admits she’s been using alcohol as a crutch. When Jimmi reveals he’s asked Ruth to come over, Michelle is initially furious but agrees to talk.

As Jimmi and flatmate Daniel retreat upstairs, Ruth tries to explain to Michelle why she did what she did and how therapy has made her realise how her actions stem from her childhood. But as Ruth breaks down, Michelle can’t bring herself to help her. Meanwhile, the boys are coming clean too, with Daniel admitting that he’s always been jealous of Jimmi.

Downstairs, Michelle tells Ruth that she can’t forgive her but admits she can understand Ruth’s actions. When Ruth says she hopes they can make a fresh start, an evesdropping Jimmi is relieved that his plan seems to have worked.

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