Michelle calls Julia first thing and tells her that she’s happy to work with Ruth now – but while Julia is pleased, Ruth is on edge. Both Michelle and Ruth make an effort but when Ruth crosses the line, Michelle insists she keep things strictly professional. When Zara invites Michelle out for a drink later, she manages to say no.

At The Mill, Julia is on a charm offensive with Jimmi, who asks Lily if she knows what it’s all about and she tells him about the radio offer. Jimmi is determined not to do it but this grates on Julia, who decides to try a different tack. When Julia successfully manipulates Jimmi with reverse psychology, he takes the bait and decides that he will do the radio show.

Also, Daniel is forced to break the news to pregnant Katie Tompkins that she is HIV positive. Katie is carrying the baby for Martin and Miranda Patterson, who is particularly devastated by the news and wants to end their ‘arrangement’. But when Katie develops complications, all three are reunited.

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