Michelle bids farewell to Ryan (VIDEO)

Michelle’s emotional as Ryan says his goodbyes. Desperate to cheer her up, Steve secretly discusses the sale of the pub on the phone, asking the other party to consider his offer.

As Leanne sits with Nick, encouraging him to speak, David’s panicked, especially when Kylie insists she wants to visit. As Kylie makes small talk with Nick, she shows him a picture of Lily. Meanwhile, a conflicted David confides in Tina. He wants Nick to recover, but is scared he’s about to lose everything. Tina urges him to tell Kylie the truth in his own words while he still can.

After chasing a customer for payment Owen’s horrified to learn he’s declared himself bankrupt to avoid settling his debts. Recognising a scam he tips up at Phelan’s expensive house and tries to call in the debt.

Also, Julie starts to think about adoption but Brian is unsure.