Michelle blames Kylie for Ryan’s drug abuse

Steve takes Michelle to the police station to collect Ryan. He’s convinced the police that his drug-taking was a one-off and they let him go with a caution. Ryan then lies to Michelle, saying Kylie gave him the coke. Michelle angrily confronts Kylie in the street who denies this, telling Michelle to wise up. Back at home Ryan’s horrified as Michelle cuts up his bank cards. Ryan’s forced to admit he lied about Kylie, but swears his drug-taking was a one-off. Michelle believes him and heads to the pub to apologise to Kylie

Kirsty’s seething when she finds out from Tommy how Tyrone has given him a break from his loan repayments so he can take Tina away for the weekend. Angry with Tyrone for failing to tell her, Kirsty loses her temper.

Owen, Gary, Izzy and Katy take Chesney for his first legal pint in the Rovers.

Also, Sunita’s furious to hear Stella expects Karl to sign over the pub, insisting half the pub is his. But when she tells Stella he won’t be signing, Stella points out to Sunita that now Karl is hers, so are his debts! Karl promises to sign the pub over to Stella on condition she doesn’t tell Sunita; Sylvia tells Roy she’s heard Milton has broken his leg.