Steve worries that Michelle will pick up a bloke on her night out with Becky, Sean and Marcus and he tries to encourage the guys to take them to a gay bar. The gang end up in a karaoke bar and Michelle bumps into an old musician friend, JD, and invites him back to the Rovers for a nightcap. Steve is horrified when he sees them come in.

Gail comes clean to David about Joe’s plan to get him and Tina back together. When they ‘bump into’ each other at the bowling alley, Tina’s not fooled by the ruse, but she agrees to hear David out. Things seem to be going well until David gets jealous when a bartender at the alley flirts with Tina and Tina is furious with David.

Teresa plays the dutiful wife and rustles up dinner for Jerry and Finlay but while Jerry gets a delicious curry, an unimpressed Finlay is stuck with a sandwich. Teresa has dosed the curry with Jerry’s medication and she is horrified when Jerry tries to give Finlay some of his curry, but fortunately Finlay turns him down.

Also, Ken wants to make things right with Deirdre, but realises that he has a lot of making up to do.