Michelle causes a stir

Lucas enjoyed his date with Michelle, and is unaware of the hiccup he’s caused in Kyle and Jade’s plan to ask her to move out. Avoiding conversations with his nearest and dearest about his inheritance, Lucas seeks a distraction in Michelle and Kyle realises they could be on the way to becoming serious. Knowing what a rough time Lucas has been having, Kyle and Jade decide to put up with Michelle a little longer, confident Lucas will get sick of her before too long.

Chris knows he wants to pursue mechanics and forgo university. His father wants him to go into engineering and Chris struggles to admit what he really wants to do. Tash encourages him to be honest with his dad, but Chris instead leaves his preferences list at home to avoid dealing with it. George, however, thwarts his plan and brings the form to school. Afraid of losing his father’s support but unable to commit to his future, Chris tears up the form.

Sophie has been spending more and more time focusing on music, and Toadie and Sonya are both busy with work. This leaves Callum feeling more isolated than ever. When Sophie again forgets Callum because she’s practising, Callum realises he’s being left behind.