Liz demands to know where Steve’s been when he arrives in the Rovers carrying a cane donkey. Meanwhile, as Michelle leads Will upstairs she suddenly comes to her senses and tells him she loves Steve. She arrives home to find Steve in the living room and immediately regrets what happened with Will and breaks down in his arms.

Phelan trashes the community centre and then offers to sort out the mess at a knockdown price. Sally moans to Tim and Todd how the Freshco meeting is off, but what a saviour Phelan has been. Todd tells Phelan that he might have fooled everyone else, but he knows he was behind the community centre vandalism.

Cathy’s alarmed to learn from Alex that Nessa is out with her new boyfriend all the time and takes little or no interest in what Alex gets up to. And she’s even more annoyed when she finds him drinking in the Rovers.

Caz tells Kate that if they’re to salvage their relationship, she can’t be friends with Sophie any more.