Is Michelle Connor in danger?

As Michelle Connor enjoys a drink she realises she’s being watched.

Maria suggests to Will they head into town and Michelle Connor offers them a lift. As Michelle sits alone in a bar, she becomes aware she’s being watched. Is Michelle in danger?

After listing all the reasons it would be a bad idea for her to marry Steve, Leanne heads out. Knocking back vodka in the Rovers, Leanne becomes defensive when Eva and Toyah crack jokes about Steve. Has she had a change of heart?

Erica tears a strip off Mary for blabbing to Dev and tells her she only ever felt sorry for her. Gina marches up to Dev in the Rovers and tells him he’s had a lucky escape where Erica’s concerned. Is Dev ready to move on?

Phelan apologises to Nicola for standing her up and suggests they meet up tomorrow. Billy assures Summer he’s not looking to replace Drew. Toyah discovers Eva’s fake pregnancy.