Michelle Connor is disgusted by Robert’s behaviour

Can Michelle Connor stop Robert gambling away his last chips?

A disappointed Michelle Connor leaves Robert to it as he places his last chips on red. Later, Robert’s horrified to see that Michelle’s car has been vandalised. After persuading Luke to fix it before Michelle sees it, Robert returns home and apologises to Michelle. As Michelle snuggles up to him, he hides his unease.

Greedy Erica encourages Dev to go for it when he tells her he’s had an offer for the gym, but if he accepts it, it’ll scupper Kevin’s sale of the garage.

Guilty Bethany finds out that Craig is at the police station being given his marching orders.

Jealous Aidan sees Maria go on a date with Will. Having revealed that he’s dumped his girlfriend, Luke offers to cook dinner for Alya, but they’re interrupted by Robert. Todd and Billy wish they could help Summer. Steve and Leanne enjoy being doting parents…