Michelle cuts a deal with Brennan

Paige spots Michelle Kim by Lassiters Lake and tells Brennan, who hopes she can lead him to Dimato. Later, Michelle turns up with a black eye demanding protection from Brennan if she helps them track down Dimato. Brennan agrees to help despite Paige’s concerns.

Piper’s stunt does not sit well with Susan, so she calls Brad and Terese in for an emergency meeting. Meanwhile, Tyler feels terrible for giving Piper such bad advice. In the meeting, things explode between Piper and her Terese. Brad berates his estranged wife for coming down so hard on their daughter.

Amber has some doubts about Josh’s parenting skills, but decides to leave Matilda with him, so she can run some errands. When on her errand run, she sees Karl who tells Amber that she should trust her instincts. When Amber returns home, she watches Josh have a major meltdown prompting her to say he can no longer be left alone with their baby.