Michelle McDonald decides to keep the baby

After talking to Robert, Michelle McDonald reveals her decision to Amy and Leanne.

Michelle McDonald has a heart to heart with Robert, who assures her she’ll be a great mum no matter what. Buoyed, Michelle assures Amy that she’s going to have the baby. Nick promises Leanne he’ll stand by her whatever the outcome of Steve’s test. Later, the genetic counsellor breaks the news of his results to Steve and Michelle.

Caz feeds a gullible Tyrone a sob story, telling him how Maria has gone nuts and is sending her abusive texts.

Alya insists a grumpy Sinead runs up some mock up uniforms for the kebab shop. Dev’s impressed with Alya’s uniform designs, but will Alya give her any of the credit?

Beth begs Kirk to give her another chance. Seb tells Faye he’s stolen a bottle of wine from the corner shop. With Peter present, the doctor explains to Ken how he’s suffering from aphasia, making it very difficult to communicate. How will Ken cope with this devastating news?