Michelle is desperate to reconnect with her son. But is it too little too late?

Michelle needs all the help she can get to reconnect with Ali

As he tends to her cut hand Michelle tries to talk to Ali and ask about his placement and why he hasn’t been in touch but he refuses to be drawn. Robert tells Michelle she should try again and Liz implores Ali to go and see his mum – will mother and son be reunited?

Bethany is convinced Craig stood her up because of the way she has treated him, he calls to apologise but can he bring himself to tell her the real reason he stood her up?

Carla asks Sinead to come and see her in hospital where she tells her that Daniel is still in love with her and surprises her with a plan to get him back.

Billy asks Eva to keep Summer away and tell her he has flu. Shona tells Bethany that David has become obsessed with Josh and training.

Second episode of the evening.