Michelle digs in at the Rovers

Michelle is delighted when Ryan gets back from his holiday with his dad, but she is less than impressed when she discovers that Steve has already filled him in about their split. Ryan is worried about where they are going to live, but she insists that they are stopping at the Rovers, as Steve was the one that cheated on her. Meanwhile, Steve is snappy with Becky at the pub and he panics when later on Jason bursts into the cab office and demands to speak to him about her…

David is determined to sort things out with Tina and throws a sickie from work to wait for her at the kebab shop. Tina blanks David when she turns up and it’s clear she’s in no mood to forgive him. Darryl tells David he should have more dignity.

Deirdre and Blanche find Ken fast asleep on the sofa after burning the midnight candle writing his book and Blanche comments that they are living with a wino! Deirdre is still concerned about the similarities between her and the character in the book but Ken refuses to discuss it and they end up in a blazing row.

Also, Pam and Molly pore over the wedding mags; Ted invites Audrey to the opera.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve is sure that Jason has found out about him and Becky and is relieved when he realises Jason is just worried about Becky’s job. Later however Steve manages to annoy Becky when he implies that he has got more to lose than her if the truth came out. An irritated Becky deliberately winds him up by inviting Michelle on a night out with her and Sean. Michelle takes great pleasure in changing the rota so that Steve has to work.

Ken gets depressed about his novel when he compares his favourite paperbacks to his own writing. Meanwhile, Deirdre is hurt by the character in Ken’s novel that seems to be based on her and she is convinced that Ken has no respect for her. Ken decides that his writing is terrible and he makes a dramatic decision, sending the manuscript up in smoke on the barbecue!

Tina still trying to avoid David so Joe tries to orchestrate a meeting between the pair by booking a night’s ten-pin bowling. Joe contacts Gail and asks her to bring along David on the same night so they can ‘accidentally’ bump into each other.

Also, Tyrone worries that Pam’s knock-off ham sales are affecting Ashley’s business.