Michelle faces up to Martin!

Michelle and Martin are confronted with each other at the allotments and it could end in tears – or reconciliation....

Stacey is frustrated with Martin when he continues to blank Michelle. Realising that the situation can’t go on, she urges Martin to lighten up about his sister. Later, Michelle heads to the allotments only to find Martin there. Sat together in their dad’s allotment, they reminisce about the past. Can Martin put the past behind them and make up with his big sister?

Whitney is stunned when she has a surprise visitor… It’s Moose! He has something important to tell her, but why is he there – and what will Whitney’s reaction be?

Abi annoys Ben, Jay and Donna when she labels everything she owns. Irritated by Abi’s pettiness, Ben comes up with a revenge plan. His bright idea soon backfires when Abi hits back, by handing everyone a new cleaning schedule!

Also, Steven goes to desperate lengths to get his way over Lauren.