Michelle feels challenged at Housman

At Housman, Anna encourages Michelle to talk to Chris again as he seems to like her. Chris is pleased to see her, until she mentions Jess – a medic travelling with his platoon who was brought in injured at the same time as him – and he clams up. Later, Chris tells Michelle that he was running to get help for Jess when he was caught in the explosion.

Back at The Mill, Michelle orders a hassled Cherry to give it a rest and Cherry realises her problems aren’t that bad when Michelle tells her about Chris. Later, Michelle tells Julia she’s never felt so challenged. Back at Housman, Chris is in bed, carefully moving his foot from side to side – but when Anna asks if he’s had any joy yet, Chris says no.

With Cherry unable to concentrate on work, Simon asks Daniel if he really slept with Cherry. Realising he’s gone too far,

Daniel tells Cherry the truth – she was far too drunk, so he simply put her to bed and slept in the spare room.

Later, Jimmi tells Daniel he’s going away for the weekend and that he’d like Daniel out of the house by the time he gets back, saying he’s fed up bumping into Daniel’s latest conquests in the kitchen the next morning. Daniel is peeved and asks if Jimmi is jealous. Jimmi simply repeats that he wants him out by Sunday night and leaves.

Also, Ruth goes on a date with a man who has unusual ways of encouraging people to go green.

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