Michelle finds out about Maria and Tony

Michelle lets herself into No.7 and Maria quickly tells her Tony spent the night on the sofa. She’s none the wiser but the close shave prompts Maria and Tony to work out a way to tell her they’ve fallen in love. But when Michelle and Ryan arrive home later they see Tony and Maria kissing. Michelle’s furious with them pointing out that Liam’s barely cold in his grave, storming out in disgust.

Becky‘s thrilled when she gets a call telling her she’s won the honeymoon competition, and as her hen night starts she sticks to soft drinks. Steve’s stag night is not quite such a sober affair as Ashley’s on a mission to get drunk – unable to face telling Claire the truth about the vasectomy. Meanwhile, Steve is still concerned about Slug and confronts Becky about her furtive phone calls. She gets upset and tells him she was trying to get Jim along to the wedding as a surprise.

Lloyd’s fed up that he’s still had no word from Liz, unaware that she and Andy have arrived at Piccadilly Station and are on their way to the Rovers.

Also, Jason and Tina spend the evening in their new flat with a takeaway.

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