Michelle wakes up with a throbbing head and generally feels awful. Remembering the humiliation of the night before, she can’t face going into work and goes back to sleep only to be woken up by Julia, phoning to ask why she’s late. Still drunk, Michelle can’t face any food or water – but a ‘hair of the dog’ makes her feel much better.

Michelle arrives at The Mill, looking just about human, and hurries to the treatment room to avoid being seen by her colleagues – not least Daniel! As Michelle struggles with patients, Julia pulls her up on her lateness, appearance and professional conduct. When Julia realises Michelle’s been drinking, she sends her home, to come back later for a meeting.

At the meeting, Julia insists that Michelle take some time off to sort herself out: and it’s not up for discussion. Michelle accepts this and leaves, ashamed.

Also, Rob and Lily deal with a family where a history of domestic violence has escalated, with tragic consequences.

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