Michelle gets arty

Art teacher Annie sees Michelle for her bad arthritis and makes her promise to come to her students’ exhibition. At the college Annie runs into ex-boyfriend and famous art critic Dan who letches over female students while talking patronisingly to Annie. She finds her star student Mikey has destroyed his own artwork, believing that it’s not good enough. Mikey convinces Annie to put some of her own artwork in, passing it off as the student’s.

Dan is so impressed with a picture of Annie’s that he once criticised that he offers to buy it! Annie doesn’t want to ruin Mikey’s chance of mentoring so she keeps quiet, but Dan notices the date 1968 on a painting that Annie gave Michelle. Annie confesses all and Dan is furious! Annie tells him what she really thinks of him. Dan complains to the vice chancellor and although she loses her job – she’s offered the chance to exhibit all of her work!

Also, Jimmi deals with an elderly patient stuck in the past.

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