Michelle gets Cherry suspended

Michelle stomps into work annoyed that the travel vaccination clinic is on today. Cherry does her best to lighten the mood in the surgery but points out to Simon that Michelle seems a bit off. After Michelle takes a swig of vodka in the loos, Ciaran Wright arrives for his jab and admits he’s scared of needles.

Still in a foul mood, Michelle hands Cherry the injection, but as she administers it, Ciaran goes into anaphylactic shock. As the nurses give Ciaran adrenaline and call an ambulance, it’s clear that Michelle passed Cherry the wrong injection. Later, Michelle blames Cherry for picking up the wrong needle and Cherry is left speechless as Julia is forced to suspend her.

Also, Heston is intrigued when Lily says she can’t go out for a meal on Thursday night – where does she keep going?

And Zara meets her match in the vile Mrs Langley who is convinced that some strange people have moved in upstairs.

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