Michelle gives in and visits Alex

Michelle gives Ryan a letter from Nick, but Ryan makes it clear that she’s his mum and he wants nothing to do with Nick or Wendy. Michelle is relieved, but at the same time she can’t get Alex off her mind. Michelle goes to Alex’s school and she introduces herself as his real mum. Michelle gives a stunned Alex her number and asserts she’s there for him if he ever needs to talk.

Kevin is back from his stint inside, but the atmosphere at the Websters is still troubled, much to his frustration. Rosie is still at loggerheads with Sally and Sophie and she makes matters worse when she reveals that she’s fed up with being bullied at school and she’s going back to the factory, whether it upsets Fiz or not. Sally is furious and asks Kevin to support her when she insists that Rosie continue her schooling, but Kevin refuses to get involved.

Liam asks Ryan to be his best man at the wedding and Carla has a dig at Liam, claiming that the wedding is eating into his work time. Liam bites his tongue, but he later has a quiet word with Carla and asks her to lay off Maria.

Also, Jason is still feeling down about Sarah.