Louis tells Rob he thinks it’s serious between him and Michelle, and Rob advises him to be upfront with her. Michelle meets Ruth at the Icon Bar for lunch. As they say goodbye, Ruth asks how Louis took the news and Michelle admits she hasn’t told him. Later, Michelle meets Louis from work – he’s been thinking about her all day, Michelle looks at him and says I’m really sorry…

In the staff room at The Mill, the team listen as Bex Ranger reports that many other GPs are in support of Heston. But Julia reveals the PCT are furious and there’s no way they’ll support their application for a third surgery now. Heston goes to see Dr Diana, who admits to using Heston and Mrs Davies for publicity.

When Heston returns to The Mill, Julia has to stop him from talking to the reporters but he wants to tell them the truth. Julia tries to reassure an angry Heston that she’s on his side when suddenly he collapses… Julia calls Daniel who hurries in followed by Zara – call 999, it’s his heart!

And Kim and Monica grow suspicious of their neighbour as things go from bad to worse for Saleem, and Simon tries to help again.

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