Michelle calls her mum Vera with some shocking news and Vera is furious when Michelle puts the phone down on her. As Michelle walks into the Campus, she switches off her phone and asks Ruth to tell her mum, if she calls, that she hasn’t seen her.

Later that morning, a stunned Ruth takes in Michelle’s news – she’s made a life-changing decision. Michelle explains that she told her mum over the phone so that she could get used to the idea before they spoke in person.

When Vera arrives, Michelle hides in the staff room as Ruth lies that she hasn’t seen her. Vera accuses Julia and Heston of being behind Michelle’s decision, but it eventually sinks in that they didn’t know.

Michelle finally goes to see Vera to talk to her about her decision. As Vera smashes around the kitchen it’s clear she’s not coping with the news but, finally, she talks to Michelle.

At The Mill, Julia waves the newspaper at Heston furiously – he’s directly quoted criticising PCT Policies. Heston defends his right to an opinion but realises he’s been set up by patient Mrs Davies. Daniel tells Heston he needs to retract what he’s said or risk killing Julia’s expansion plans.

And Ruth’s afternoon off takes an unusual turn when she meets an old acquaintance who won’t leave her alone.

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