Michelle is heartbroken by Steve’s thoughtless actions

Robert steps in when Michelle confronts Steve in Corrie

Michelle overhears Steve telling Liz he’s taking OIiver to the beach for the day and later lets rip at Steve for taking his other son to the beach where they scattered Ruairi’s ashes. As Robert goes after a devastated Michelle, Leanne takes Oliver home, but is horrified to find him unconscious. Panicking Nick calls an ambulance.

Shona overhears Faye telling Phelan there’s been a fight at the Young Offenders’ Unit and Clayton’s been hospitalised. Meanwhile when David hears the news that Clayton might not pull through he heads to the pub to celebrate. Will Shona tell a drunken David who she really is?

Toyah buys a pregnancy testing kit, intent on discovering if the IVF has been successful.

Sally asks Aidan for a job at the factory for Gina. Daniel suggests to Sinead they should move to Oxford. How will Sinead react?